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Apartment Syndication in Four Steps

If you are looking to protect your capital, enjoy passive income, and grow your wealth over the long haul, it is hard to find a better investment than multifamily properties. Syndication is the process by which an operating team finds and analyzes an apartment offering, acquires it, pools funds from multiple investors for purchase, and then proceeds to improve the property in order to add value to residents and investors alike. The beautiful thing about apartment syndication is aligned interest - everyone wins! Residents have a better living experience while operators and investors own an asset that would be unobtainable through individual means, all while investors enjoy stable and outsized returns.

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1. Acquisition

Investments are in highly desirable locations with strong middle-class employment and growing populations. Targeted assets are in close proximity to large employment centers, major thoroughfares, public transportation access points, public schools, retail centers, and grocery stores. Most purchases are Class B and C multifamily properties ranging from 50 - 250 units​ with rents that are below market average. These are affordable, high-quality properties that are acquired at a discount relative to the market.

2. Value-Add

Upon purchase, operators perform any deferred maintenance,  upgrade units and exterior in order to increase rents. The objective is to enhance the value of our investments through extensive renovations while also maximizing returns to investors and providing residents with an improved quality of life. A skilled third party property manager improves operations and reduces operating expenses.

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3. Stabilize

Once the property is stabilized and generating greater income, it appraises at a higher value allowing us to refinance it, returning our investors initial capital, while still providing a steady cash flow. If it works out better for investors, we may have options to 1031 exchange smaller assets for bigger ones.

4. Disposition

Stabilized, cash flowing property is attractive to institutional buyers including REIT’s, institutionalized investment firms, or investors looking for real estate investments to diversify their holdings. We typically plan on a 3-5 year exit strategy but may hold some properties for long-term cash flow.

how investors Make Money

1. Cash Flow

Profits from multifamily properties are distributed monthly or quarterly, creating truly passive income for investors.

2. Appreciation

Unlike single family homes, apartment buildings are valued based on a formula driven by Net Operating Income (NOI), not property comps. Operators increase the value of a property by increasing NOI through physical and operational improvements

3. Amortization

Revenue from operations and rental income pays down the debt on the property, resulting in increased equity for investors.

4. Depreciation

Investors benefit from tax benefits such as accelerated depreciation, cost segregation, possible 1031 exchanges, and tax free return of initial capital.

5. Disposition

Lump sum payouts at the time of sale or refinance put money back in investors' pockets for deployment into other investments.

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