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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in multifamily properties?

Our experience has shown us that the process of purchasing and transforming apartment buildings presents a unique and substantial opportunity for investors. We are able to provide strong returns and massive tax benefits for investors that just aren't found in other investments, all while positively impacting the families and communities we serve. 

Are returns guaranteed in the private placement memorandum?
No. It is actually against the law to guarantee returns. Our team vets every deal from our operators for conservative underwriting in an attempt to ensure that returns meet or exceed investor expectations. We know that our offerings must perform for investors for our business to succeed, so we continue to research the areas we are investing in.
Can I lose more than I invest?

In short, no. Any losses will not exceed the amount you invest.

How will I receive distributions?
You will receive deposits directly into your bank account via ACH transfer.
How often are distributions made?
So long as there are profits to distribute, you should receive distributions quarterly or monthly, depending on the details in the placement memorandum.
Will I receive updates?

You can expect to receive updates about any of your investments. These are provided quarterly or more often as 

deemed necessary. You should expect these updates via email.

What is the life of the investment?
Most of our investment offerings are on a 5-7 year timeframe, at which point operators usually seek out a "liquidity event" such as a sale or refinance of a property. Because property characteristics and market conditions vary, there is no guarantee that operators can successfully pursue a liquidity event at that time. Operators are always on the lookout for the most effective way to provide solid investment returns quickly, but sometimes outside factors can delay their ability to return investment funds in initial time horizons provided. 
Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest?
Our investments are open to accredited and sophisticated investors, although sophisticated investors are limited to 35 spots on an individual investment. Visit for more information.
Is there an investment minimum?
$50,000 is the standard minimum for our offerings, although that could change depending on the terms of the offering. Contact us so that we can work with you on your particular situation.
Is there an investment maximum for one deal?
We typically cap our investments at $250,000 per investor, but that amount may change depending on the offering. Contact us so that we can work with you on your particular situation.
Can I only invest in one deal at a time?
No. You can invest in as many offerings as we have available.
Can I invest through my IRA?
Yes, you can invest using a self-directed IRA and other retirement vehicles. We suggest getting started with Midland IRA at, or contacting Damion Lupo at Please note that there can be tax issues investing with an IRA, so please consult your own tax advisor before investing.
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